Tuition and financial assistance

All students enjoy a tuition-free education. The only payment is €1,200 as a reservation fee, to be made before 30 June 2020.

For information purposes, the average annual cost of the studies is €45,000 per student, due to the high degree of individualization of the teaching given at the School as well as the very high level of its professors, and the high amount of concerts scheduled for the students.

Financial assistance

In order to facilitate their stay during their studies, the School offers all students several ways of financial assistance.

  • Artist fee: Students may receive compensation for some of their performances at the School’s concert cycles.
  • Dining Assistance: The School has an agreement with an establishment that offers students daily meals at a very low price.
  • Employment opportunities at School's activities.
  • Accommodation scholarships: The School may grant a financial allowance to cover the costs of accommodation.
  • Medical insurance: The School bears the annual cost of private health insurance for non-EU students.
  • Assistance in obtaining a loan from a financial institution: The School helps the student throughout the administrative major application process.